Reunification can be tricky

Whether an adoptee is searching for his or her birth family or the birth family is searching for the adoptee, the process of reuniting can be filled with anxiety, excitement, uncertainty, and challenges. This process is often facilitated or supported by adoptive parents and adoption service providers.

HeartsConnect can help in two ways:

Post Adoption Communication plans and a platform like HeartsConnect will help maintain a relationship between birth and adoptive families with boundaries that allow them to have a long term healthy relationship.

When the time comes that the adoptee wants information and connection, the lines of communication are already open. The adoptee has the benefit of a lifelong history of interest and attention from these conversations with the birth family.

If there has been no contact between the adoptive parents and biological relatives the adoptee is faced with additional challenges:

1. Finding the biological family include methods such as:

  • Contacting the adoption agency or attorney that facilitated the adoption.
  • DNA Search
  • Facebook and other social media.

2. Connecting with them in a receptive and non-threatening way.

3. Establishing a way to connect and communicate that is comfortable for all parties. HeartsConnect can help with this!


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