What if our birth mother begins asking for something we are uncomfortable sharing?

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We strongly encourage you to talk to us if you feel uncomfortable with specific requests from a birth family.  We can walk you through how to set boundaries that will help maintain your relationship in a more comfortable, healthy way.  


First of all, stall.  Let her know you care about her and appreciate her and her trust in you.  Then suggest that you have the conversation a little later.

Second, think about why this is making you uncomfortable.  Is it something she needs to know even though you don’t want to share it, or is it something that will make the relationship less safe and healthy?    

Third, communicate your concerns and decision with kindness and understanding.  Remember she may be struggling with something.

Fourth, again call and we can help you think through what to do.  

HeartsConnect is set up as a safe, confidential place to share information.  We want to keep it that way.