Submitting your PAC Plan to HeartsConnect

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HeartsConnect will upload the Post-Adoption Communication Plan you’ve created for completed placements. There are three ways to use this service:

  1. You can submit a custom plan using our provided template to create your PAC plan, then submit this plan to us using the PAC form linked below.
    • To choose this option, download the template here.
    • Follow the instructions on that page, then export the file as a CSV.
    • Check the appropriate box on the PAC Plan Submission form.
    • You’ll be presented with a field where you can upload your completed CSV.
    • This service is free.
  2.  You can submit your PAC plan to us in any format you choose. We’ll convert it to the proper format for importing into HeartsConnect and then perform the import.
    • To choose this option, select it from the list in the form linked below.
    • You’ll be presented with three choices for how you’d like to submit your PAC plan.
    • You can upload a document, share a link to a document stored in the cloud (drive, dropbox, etc), or copy and paste the text of your PAC plan directly into the form.
    • This service is $50.